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We exploit our Content Library by using our abilities to distribute our content through various mediums such as (i) broadcast syndication, (ii) new media, (iii) home entertainment, and (iv) other media.

  • Broadcast Syndication
  • Content owned by us, especially films, are regularly broadcasted on various television networks. We own television broadcasting rights to, what we believe, is a large Content Library. Accordingly, we are uniquely positioned to exploit television broadcasting opportunities.

    Broadcast syndication rights to television channels continues to be one of our major revenue activities contributing more than 50% of our revenue in each of last five years. Over the last five years, we have distributed 1049 films for broadcasting on television networks.

    In television, films are broadcasted largely across three platforms, namely, (i) satellite television, (ii) cable television, and (iii) terrestrial television.

    • Satellite Television
    • The content distributed by us to satellite television broadcasters predominantly consists of Hindi films. There is an ever increasing demand for compelling content with a steady increase in the number of Hindi General Entertainment Channels (GECs) as well as Hindi films channels. Hindi films channels command a strong viewership share of 17%, in hindi speaking markets, second only to GECs.

    • Cable Television
    • Cable television licensing is another revenue stream wherein an increasing number of cable operators are licensing rights of our content.

    • Terrestrial Television
    • We also license content for broadcasting on terrestrial television network.

  • New Media
  • For new media platforms, we have tied up with more than 100 labels or content providers who provide us with a range of content including music, videos, imagery content, games, applications, celebrity chats, text content, and voice based services etc.

  • Home Entertainment
  • Home entertainment distribution involves obtaining home video rights over film and non-film content for physical distribution through Blu Ray, DVDs and VCDs.

    Over the years, our Company has successfully migrated from one content format to another and has accordingly transformed its focus from Video VHS to VCD to DVD to Blu Ray.

    Our home entertainment distribution consists primarily of DVD and VCD sales to consumers via retail outlets, dealers and distributors and online via www.shemaroo.com.We distribute our content by entering into distribution arrangements with distributors and dealers for the sale of our content across India. We have a product presence across more than 2,000 retail stores across over 75 towns and cities in India. Our content can be found in stores such as Planet M, Music World, Crossword, Landmark, and Reliance Retail. Approximately 1,300 of our titles are available through our nationwide network of distributors and dealers.

  • Overseas
  • Our Company has taken Bollywood films across the globe through various distribution platforms due to the growing demand for Hindi film content amongst both ethnic and non-ethnic audiences abroad.

    Our products and content are present not only in the traditional markets of US, UK, Singapore, Fiji, UAE and Australia, but also in the newly developed markets of East Europe and North Africa.

    We also actively showcase our Content Library at international film festivals and content markets.

    We have successfully distributed films like Bheja Fry 2, Phir Hera Pheri, and Dhamaal internationally, amongst others.

  • Other
  • We also license airborne rights of our content for in-flight entertainment to a number of airlines.

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